Ruling the Roost - the Nation's Favourite Bird

Calling (warbling, tweeting and chirping) all Brits: the vote is open to choose our national bird! You can pick your favourite here, from a shortlist of 10. It's been narrowed down to either robin, blue-tit, blackbird, kingfisher, wren, hen harrier, red kite, mute swan, barn owl or puffin. I expect it will turn out to be a robin but I've heard a few people campaigning very persuasively for the blackbird (for it's song and because it's so easy to find) and, of course, I have a huge soft spot for puffins! In fact out of the shortlist there are only 2 I haven't illustrated. If by some chance the hen harrier or red kite is chosen, I'll definitely be adding it to my portfolio!

British Birds.jpg

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