Cows and Flowers

Growing up on a dairy farm and now working from a studio overlooking the yard, you might imagine drawing cows would be my forte. Unfortunately, my early attempts at capturing our dairying queens on paper usually failed spectacularly and it sort of put me off. Aged 10 I drew a ghoulish calf's head in oil pastels and gave it to my mum for her birthday, I think it was downhill from there! In my first year at uni we had a Christmas drawing project and I chose the farm as my theme. In theory, I'd be able to snuggle up on a straw bale with a mug of mulled wine and fill a sketchbook with my favourite Friesians, but actually it was bitterly cold and I stuck it out only long enough to fill a couple of pages (badly). Lately, I've been trying to remedy this and if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen the fruits of my labour. Until recently I was ignorant of the benefits of posting half-collaged Herefords, but now I've decided that #wip is the way forward. Instagram, I love you! So, in the spirit of sharing my working process, from my first pencil drawings to the finished pattern, here's the merry herd:

Cow drawings © Kate Slater

Cow heads coloured Cows © Kate Slater Cows pattern © Kate Slater

OK, so I've only done their heads, but I'm happy with how they've turned out for now. I left the Highland out in the end because it wasn't quite right - disproving my theory that the hairier the animal, the easier it is to collage! Most importantly, my dad successfully identified all six different breeds, which has got to be a good thing.

These cows are now destined for mugs and tea towels, and I've just had some new wrapping paper printed too!

New wrapping paper

PS. Here's a cow from a year ago with a body. Just so you know I'm not always that lazy. Strange to see how my style is developing too, even in such a short time.

Cow and Calf © Kate Slater